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Deal with IT !!!!!!

I had the great pleasure of attending Space Camp this week with 200 6th Graders. The trip was and is a blast. If ever you get the chance, I recommend you go, you will not be disappointed. The place is in Huntsville Al.

Ok so what did that have to do with Golf anyway you ask. Here is my answer: Life throws you into situations you just need to learn to Deal with IT!

I think back to rounds of golf when I hit what I thought was a great shot. Straight down the middle, high, center of club, trajectory, WOW my best one of the Day. You know the One. As the ball flies and I bask in the glory of it and begin to smile it lands, Jumps dead right, bounces again and rolls under the lip of the fairway bunker. WHAT JUST HAPPENED!

Well I am sure that is not what I said or how I said it but if you have played golf this has happened to you. Now, I know it goes the other way and you get the great break but you do not have to Deal with That it dealt with it for you by getting the break.

Back to the bounce under the bunker. You are there now DEAL WITH IT !!! The goal in life or golf is what you do next. You have choices. I like to tell my students that this is your chance. What an opportunity!! Get prepared to really show them how good you are. Asses the situation and come up with this script. I hit a great shot now let’s figure out how to hit the next great shot. There is nothing you can do about the bounce you received just how you handle it. Be positive and go hit another great shot. Get the lowest score possible and forget the rest.
Golf and Life are not always fair. Golf and Life do not always turn out how you planned. The nice thing is you can work hard and succeed in both. Stay Positive in your outlook, do what you do Daily and improve, and when the ball bounces you into a tough position show the world you are ready and perform great. The trip turned out great and even the adults had a blast, oh that ball that bounced under the lip of the bunker – Well you can finish that however you like.

I hope this little tip will help you Play Better Golf and Have a Better Day!

Jay Reid
Jay Reid School of Golf

Tiger’s Quarter

I was reading a post on Facebook where Tiger was at the Nike World Headquarters. While this surprised some it seemed ok to me. He is sponsored by Nike and he needs to get his game going again.

The comment that Tiger made was about the Quarter that he uses to mark his ball on the green. Tiger said it was a 1958 quarter one less than his lowedt round. He also said that he has a 1957 one waiting.

The belief is that he can shoot 58. TIger has always had a great game, the thing that gets forgotton is the mind and thought that he puts into the rounds. When Tiger won the US Open by so many I would be he had already thought about shooting that low. My belief is that if you would have had each player write the winning score Tiger would have won by a bunch anyway.

We all have goals or at least should. The question is are your goals easy to achieve, a slight stretch or something that is so far out there that only you can see it.

I read a statement about goals and vision that said True Leaders hit the bullseye of targets while others can not even see the target.

For 2011 set a goal you are the only one that can see it happen. Even if you miss think of where you will be.

Enjoy 2011 and may your goal and dreams become reality.

Good luck to Tiger as he goes after his new ball mark also.

Please comment and let me know if I can do anything for you.

Jay Reid

Stress Week for Golfers ;0

This is the toughest week in golf. For those who do not watch or pay attention this week is the 2nd stage of Q-SCHOOL. Well you say what is so tough or stressful about that. I will let you know that if you make it through this stage you have a job next year and if you do not well – mini tour bound.

The second stage of Q-SCHOOL is the ultimate interview. It is the dream job of jobs interview and you must perform now. I mean right now no mistakes for 4 days. The bad news is you could play well and get beat. You could also define your destiny and make it on tour. Over the next 5 days (some of the sites start tomorrow) around 400 players will view for 100 spots in the final stage and gain the privilege of playing either the Nationwide tour or PGA Tour. Watch online at www.pgatour.com and click the Q-SCHOOL button for second stage sites. Be on the lookout for a couple of kids that I have watched play a few holes this summer. Jason Kokrak – hits it as far as anyone and made around 125,000 on the mini tours. Jay Hass Jr – yes the kid of the Ryder Cup-per, he won the first stage. Elliott Gealy just a really good-looking swing and a solid short game.

So here are my suggestions to the players this week and yourself when you have a must play good round.

1) Stick to your routine: We hear it all the time and past history can show it. Be in the moment and focus on the routine. If it is off start over.

2) Stretch, Eat and Drink – you need to keep the body ready to play, fueled and the brain hydrated. the brain takes most of the water from the body so drink every hole.

3) Never think about the next hole or the last hole – Think Vegas roulette wheel and refer back to number 1

4) This is 18 holes so make the lowest score you can every hole. Yes that may be a 7

5) Know that this is a game and have fun. When you watch the players winning typically they are having fun so even if you hit a bad one smile it will help on the next one. Head up and get ready to play the greatest shot of your life.

I hope you enjoy watching the Q-SCHOOL and I look forward to helping you and your game. Have fun Playing.