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Every year I attempt to be better and focused on an aspect of my life. I am going to focus again on fitness. Some people may say I have failed at this and I would agree to some level. Weight control is not easy for me.

When it comes to golf weight matters. It directly effects your abilities to move a golf ball maximum distance and direction.

You lose flexibility and strength.

I started again with a focus to get the weight off and regain focus for myself, family and students. I started this time at 260 lbs. this is down from my high of 282 lbs.

The first 4 days have been successful. I have lost 5 lbs and feel better already. I am looking forward to losing my 60 lbs and hitting the ball farther and straighter in 2012. My 90 Day Challenge has begun.

If you would like to join me or see what I am doing go to http://www.jayreid2.myvi.net

Follow along. I will post pictures in a month.

Starting at the Beginning

This year I am going to follow and compete in the WordPress Challenge to post at least once every week.

Living on the East Coast in North Carolina we get to play golf year round. There are times when we get cold weather and snow that limits this and forces us to take time off. No matter your reason for taking some time off when you get back to golf start at the beginning with the grip.

I am going to assume you are right handed for the remainder of the post. When placing your hans on the club always hold the club in the right hand on the shaft. This will allow you room to place the left hand on the grip. The club will rest along the base of the left hand just above the fingers. The heel pad of the hand will be above the shaft and the left thumb will rest just to the right side of the grip. You should be able to lift the club now using just your left hand.

Your right hand will sit above the left so the left thumb is beneath the right thumbpad. Your right hand will be in the fingers. You might be able to see the fingernails of the right hand.

Be sure that as you are gripping the club you watch the clubface to be square. The amount of tension in the hands and arms should be enough that will allow you to use the club and write your name in the sky using the club as the imaginary pencil.

Hold the club correctly and many poor shots will be eliminated. Next time I will post about Posture.

Have Fun Playing and I look forward to seeing you on the links.

Jay Reid