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Chipping and Pitching

Every year it seems someone ask about the difference of chip and Pitch. They are similar but not the same shot. So i thought I would throw out the how to tell the difference.

Use the word relation game. Ready!!!!!

Chip Pitch
Small. Bigger
Back. Forward
Roll. Flight
Low. Higher

So when you are stuck and want to know what to do. Be sure to get all the words together for the fantastic shot.

Best of luck and i hope you Play better Golf.

Contact me if I can help you in anyway.

Jay Reid


This week is US Open week. I really enjoy the Majors of golf for a couple of reasons.

First; the pressure of the moment and how well the players usually handle it especially with the short game. The touch you must have when the nerves are going is something that you have practiced. Tour players are shown in this light of fancy living and play. In reality the majority of them work hard everyday. They spend hours hitting the same shot over and over and well you get it. Tour players don’t just practice for a few minutes and then go play all day with their buddies. They learn how to make that touch shot when it will matter most. Touch comes natuarally for some but some have to earn it the old fashion way through hard work.

Second; it is US Open and that means four days of grinding it out on a hard course. Smart and patient and touch win this week. Look for a player that is experienced, straight solid ball stricker and excellent touch this week.

I like Luke Donald and Steve Stricker. They look like they have earned the right to Touch the trophy.

Left Knee for Chipping

Chipping is the little shot that is hit near the green. The shot is usually a lower shot that rolls some.

Typical instruction for the set-up of the shot is to place weight in the left side ( foot closest to green ) with the handle forward of the club head and ball position back or behind center.

Now for the left knee. If you take the left knee and bow it out toward to green. You will have a keep your weight to the left helping to eliminate a flip of the hands and the skull shot (thin shot). You can also bow the knees out at set-up. This just helps eliminate the lower body movement.

Have fun practicing this and I hope it helps you PLAY BETTER GOLF.

Jay Reid