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Journey continues

Well, i have two days before the official weigh in for the week and while I feel better I have not lost much weight or inches. The inches need to leave so I can play better golf.

I did hit a few shots and I am slowly feeling a better pivot but still hanging in the 250’s pivot is hard to do.

I am going to post a golf tip next time it came to me today and I think you will enjoy the information.

If you would like to join me in the 90 day challenge go to http://www.jayreid2.myvi.com. Your game will thank you.

The Benefit of Good Posture

The first post of the year I discussed the grip and how important it was. Now that we have a good hold on the club you must be in posture to reap the benefit of the grip.

I know that there are a lot of pictures out the showing Perfect Posture. I also know that there are some postures that do not match the picture that play on tour. The question becomes what is your perfect posture.

Posture is determined by the ability to anterior and posterior flex your hips, in my opinion. To check this get into your 5 iron posture. Place your hands on your hips you want to tuck you hinny under to create a flat back then stick your hinny up and out that will create a slight arc in the lower back. You will want to do this with a friend as it is fun to watch. If you have a fair amount of movement that is smooth in both directions, go for the magazine posture you can do it. If not let’s get you some excercises that will make it better and get you into a comfortable position.

Do not force your body into a position for any extended period of time as you will hurt something. If you need to work on your hips do that and while you play stay in a comfortable position to enjoy the game.

You can improve the hips and you should go to http://www.mytpi.com to get some excercises. No worries about the site it is free just like the information here.

Enjoy your time playing and I look forward to another post next week. If you have a topic leave me a comment. Please forward the blog along if you believe it would help someone.

I look forward to hearing about your rounds and Have Fun Playing Golf

Jay Reid
Jay Reid School of Golf

Do You have Golf Swing Hips?

Golf Swing Hips; What are they? How do they work? Will the hips cause over the top golf swings?

These are the questions that I will attempt to answer in this blog. The last question was asked from a twitter friend John Graham and he asked TPI ( Titliest Performance Institute ) Certified Professionals. Since I am certified I thought I would respond with my answer and brief description as I believe it relates to Body Fitness for golf.

First what are the hips. To keep it simple and in my very simple understanding here we go. The hips are an oval attached bone between the upper body and the lower body. The hip-joint is a big hole that holds the leg bone in place. the spine connects to the center of the pelvic girdle (hips) and allows the upper body to stay overtop the lower body. So basically and this is the part you want to remember so I will put it in Caps: THE HIPS ARE THE MIDDLE THAT ALLOW CHANGE BETWEEN THE UPPER BODY AND LOWER BODY. You may want to write that down and remember for later.

The next questions is: How do they work? Well the hips are connected as the one pelvic girdle or plate, so because it is one bone they work together both right side and left. You can not work them opposite or different. If the left one is high the right will be low or visa versa. They also tilt forward and backward or to use cool words you can Posterior tilt were you tuck the tail bone under you or anterior where you stuck the tail bone up and out. Fro golf you want the pelvic girdle ( hips ) to be able to tilt both ways in order to form a neutral relationship with the spine. They should also be level at address.

So ultimately the question on twitter was, Can the hips cause a golf swing to be over the top? My answer to this questions is going to be YES. if you will remember what i wrote in the earlier paragraph you will notice that I said the there needs to be change between the upper body and the lower body. To not come over the top the hips must be able to rotate with the upper body (shoulders) remaining back or quite.  If the hips rotate but the shoulders also rotate than the swing will be over the top in my opinion. I think one of the best TPI test is the Pelvic Rotation test. This test shows very quickly if you can rotate your hips without rotating your shoulders. You can get this done along with 11 other golf related test by visiting a TPI certified professional. You can find a professional in your area by visiting http://www.mytpi.com/find/default.aspx If you can not perform this test than you should do one of two things. First exercise to make it possible to accomplish this, It will make you a better player. Second if you do not want to exercise Never Ever fire your hips or lower body. I promise bad things will happen.

I think the hips can be an integral part of the Golf swing and will benefit the majority of players when performed correctly. I also believe that the hips will turn on their own during the swing especially if the body is not physically able to perform the Pelvic rotation test.

I hope this helped to answer some questions regarding hips and how they affect the Golf swing. Please leave a comment, question or rebuttal. I always enjoy feedback on what you are thinking. Thank you for reading and Have Fun Playing Golf  (H.F.P.G.)

Jay Reid