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Choices, some you get to make and others are made for you. This past 6 months have been that way for me. Some choices I controlled and others i had no control. Since I am a golf pro that is all golf I tried to relate this back to the game. I get to control the club I choose but not the bounce the ball takes. I can control my attitude but not the result of the outcome. Basically no matter the choice that is made for you you still get to choose.

Zig Ziglar stats that when a choice is made for you you get to respond or react. Reacting usually does. Ot change the choice anyway so why not learn to respond in a positive way and make the choice to change, move on and make the situation better.

Make your future daily by choosing to be positive doing little things that are beneficial and seeing where you will be in 90 days.

There is a great future in store if you want to choose it.

Journey continues

Well, i have two days before the official weigh in for the week and while I feel better I have not lost much weight or inches. The inches need to leave so I can play better golf.

I did hit a few shots and I am slowly feeling a better pivot but still hanging in the 250’s pivot is hard to do.

I am going to post a golf tip next time it came to me today and I think you will enjoy the information.

If you would like to join me in the 90 day challenge go to http://www.jayreid2.myvi.com. Your game will thank you.

Alignment – The Ultimate Fix

I have started this year with the grip and posture and now will move on to Alignment. I think that is a player is Aligned and has a decent ball position they have a great chance at success.

Watching tour players practice is way different than watching the range at the local course on a Saturday. Tour players always have someone line them up. They work at aiming every swing. They check the Alignment and ball position constantly. If it is that important to them with their caddies and coaches then there must be something to it.

Alignment controls it all, the total setup can change a persons swing and ball flight faster than anything else you can do in the swing. So my advice is simple. Never hit a ball without something on the ground that you know is aimed perfectly. Here is how I suggest you practice and play.

When you start your practice place a club on the ground aimed at the target. This is your target line. Now place a second club parallel to the first that you can use for your foot line. Your feet do not aim at the target they aim to the side of your target. You can remove the target line club and place it at a 90 degree angle to your foot line. This will become your ball position club to be sure that the ball position is good. Once you are set up using this new method be sure to look at your target to get a good view of what the target will look like when you play.

This should help you get more comfortable with better alignment. When you go play check your alignment from time to time by placing the club along your feet before you hit. I think you will be amazed at where you are aimed.

Work hard on the grip, posture, aim and ball position and your game will improve.

Let me know how I can help and I look forward to reading your comments.

Jay Reid