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Choices, some you get to make and others are made for you. This past 6 months have been that way for me. Some choices I controlled and others i had no control. Since I am a golf pro that is all golf I tried to relate this back to the game. I get to control the club I choose but not the bounce the ball takes. I can control my attitude but not the result of the outcome. Basically no matter the choice that is made for you you still get to choose.

Zig Ziglar stats that when a choice is made for you you get to respond or react. Reacting usually does. Ot change the choice anyway so why not learn to respond in a positive way and make the choice to change, move on and make the situation better.

Make your future daily by choosing to be positive doing little things that are beneficial and seeing where you will be in 90 days.

There is a great future in store if you want to choose it.

Chipping and Pitching

Every year it seems someone ask about the difference of chip and Pitch. They are similar but not the same shot. So i thought I would throw out the how to tell the difference.

Use the word relation game. Ready!!!!!

Chip Pitch
Small. Bigger
Back. Forward
Roll. Flight
Low. Higher

So when you are stuck and want to know what to do. Be sure to get all the words together for the fantastic shot.

Best of luck and i hope you Play better Golf.

Contact me if I can help you in anyway.

Jay Reid

Journey continues

Well, i have two days before the official weigh in for the week and while I feel better I have not lost much weight or inches. The inches need to leave so I can play better golf.

I did hit a few shots and I am slowly feeling a better pivot but still hanging in the 250’s pivot is hard to do.

I am going to post a golf tip next time it came to me today and I think you will enjoy the information.

If you would like to join me in the 90 day challenge go to http://www.jayreid2.myvi.com. Your game will thank you.


Every year I attempt to be better and focused on an aspect of my life. I am going to focus again on fitness. Some people may say I have failed at this and I would agree to some level. Weight control is not easy for me.

When it comes to golf weight matters. It directly effects your abilities to move a golf ball maximum distance and direction.

You lose flexibility and strength.

I started again with a focus to get the weight off and regain focus for myself, family and students. I started this time at 260 lbs. this is down from my high of 282 lbs.

The first 4 days have been successful. I have lost 5 lbs and feel better already. I am looking forward to losing my 60 lbs and hitting the ball farther and straighter in 2012. My 90 Day Challenge has begun.

If you would like to join me or see what I am doing go to http://www.jayreid2.myvi.net

Follow along. I will post pictures in a month.


This week is US Open week. I really enjoy the Majors of golf for a couple of reasons.

First; the pressure of the moment and how well the players usually handle it especially with the short game. The touch you must have when the nerves are going is something that you have practiced. Tour players are shown in this light of fancy living and play. In reality the majority of them work hard everyday. They spend hours hitting the same shot over and over and well you get it. Tour players don’t just practice for a few minutes and then go play all day with their buddies. They learn how to make that touch shot when it will matter most. Touch comes natuarally for some but some have to earn it the old fashion way through hard work.

Second; it is US Open and that means four days of grinding it out on a hard course. Smart and patient and touch win this week. Look for a player that is experienced, straight solid ball stricker and excellent touch this week.

I like Luke Donald and Steve Stricker. They look like they have earned the right to Touch the trophy.

Deal with IT !!!!!!

I had the great pleasure of attending Space Camp this week with 200 6th Graders. The trip was and is a blast. If ever you get the chance, I recommend you go, you will not be disappointed. The place is in Huntsville Al.

Ok so what did that have to do with Golf anyway you ask. Here is my answer: Life throws you into situations you just need to learn to Deal with IT!

I think back to rounds of golf when I hit what I thought was a great shot. Straight down the middle, high, center of club, trajectory, WOW my best one of the Day. You know the One. As the ball flies and I bask in the glory of it and begin to smile it lands, Jumps dead right, bounces again and rolls under the lip of the fairway bunker. WHAT JUST HAPPENED!

Well I am sure that is not what I said or how I said it but if you have played golf this has happened to you. Now, I know it goes the other way and you get the great break but you do not have to Deal with That it dealt with it for you by getting the break.

Back to the bounce under the bunker. You are there now DEAL WITH IT !!! The goal in life or golf is what you do next. You have choices. I like to tell my students that this is your chance. What an opportunity!! Get prepared to really show them how good you are. Asses the situation and come up with this script. I hit a great shot now let’s figure out how to hit the next great shot. There is nothing you can do about the bounce you received just how you handle it. Be positive and go hit another great shot. Get the lowest score possible and forget the rest.
Golf and Life are not always fair. Golf and Life do not always turn out how you planned. The nice thing is you can work hard and succeed in both. Stay Positive in your outlook, do what you do Daily and improve, and when the ball bounces you into a tough position show the world you are ready and perform great. The trip turned out great and even the adults had a blast, oh that ball that bounced under the lip of the bunker – Well you can finish that however you like.

I hope this little tip will help you Play Better Golf and Have a Better Day!

Jay Reid
Jay Reid School of Golf

Left Knee for Chipping

Chipping is the little shot that is hit near the green. The shot is usually a lower shot that rolls some.

Typical instruction for the set-up of the shot is to place weight in the left side ( foot closest to green ) with the handle forward of the club head and ball position back or behind center.

Now for the left knee. If you take the left knee and bow it out toward to green. You will have a keep your weight to the left helping to eliminate a flip of the hands and the skull shot (thin shot). You can also bow the knees out at set-up. This just helps eliminate the lower body movement.

Have fun practicing this and I hope it helps you PLAY BETTER GOLF.

Jay Reid